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Woman's Reaction to Being Surprised With a First Class Ticket Is Just Too Good

She was ready for free champagne!

As luxurious as traveling first class seems, it's not always reality for many of us. Economy isn't always the best, but it's more affordable for sure, which means a lot of travelers will never get to experience what happens behind that curtain. And even when we can afford first class, it can book up so fast! 

But travel miracles do happen, and when one woman on TikTok got surprised with a first class ticket, she was truly living, as @morganejewell shared in a video. 

"We told her our flight was sold out of first class seats so she can't sit with us," she captioned the video, sharing clips of a woman who was very disappointed to be heading to coach.

She was even stressing out about missing out on the free champagne in first class, not that we blame her — that perk alone makes it worth the pricier ticket! But in the end, her travel buddies actually did have a ticket waiting for her to sit with them, and seeing how content she was to be with them at the end of the video is actually really sweet. 

People commenting on the video definitely got a kick out of it. "Look at her pouting LOL," one person wrote (to be fair, it was pretty funny).

Another admitted, "I'm again in the wrong tax bracket for this." 

If only we could all expect such a great surprise when we board our flights. There's no way she took that champagne for granted.

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