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Video of Woman Getting Stuck on a Cruise Ship Waterslide Is Going Viral

This is enough to make us avoid waterslides altogether.

One of the most appealing features of taking a cruise vacation is total relaxation — and the ability to play like a kid again, of course. Sure, hitting up the casino or the bar is fun, but those waterslides can't be missed... though you might change your mind about that after seeing this TikTok video. 

Recently, a woman (@thecruisingsisters) took to the app to share footage of one of her past vacations on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship that turned into a bit of a nightmare. We can see her stuck inside the tunnel slide, and yeah — we might be skipping slides like this from here on out.

Everything seemed to be going well at first, but the fun came to an end when she started going backwards. No word on how she managed to get out — but obviously, she lived to post this video, so all is good now — but we can't even imagine how freaked out she must have been after an experience like this! 

It's easy to see why this video went viral, with over five million views and counting... and almost 2,000 comments from people who could not believe their eyes.

"Imagine if it wasn’t in the clear part," one person wrote. Good point! 

Another said, "My claustrophobia could never. New fear unlocked." 

Let this video be a warning... not all cruise ship waterslides are created equal (and fortunately, this one had a trap door especially for situations like this). Proceed with caution!

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