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Woman Successfully Sneaks a Cat Onto a Plane and We Have So Many Questions

Navigating smoothly through the airport and onto the plane is tricky enough on your own; doing so with a pet adds another layer of difficulty. It's tough to keep the poor babies calm when they're being rushed around and stowed under seats in a cramped carrier, and plus, you have to buy a pet ticket! Sometimes, we wish we could just sneak our furry friends on board...

Well, if you've ever had this thought yourself, wait until you see what Holly, one half of the TikTok couple's account @hollyandmitch, did.  Against all odds, she somehow managed to sneak a tiny kitten through TSA and onto her flight!!!

Two things: first of all- OMG SO CUTE! We can't get over how tiny the sleepy little kitten is! It's so precious. "Ooooooooh cute little stowaway! I’d never tell!" cried @canyonares, echoing our own sentiments! But secondly, and perhaps more importantly...HOW?

Others were flabbergasted and wanted to know as well- the top comment on the video is from one user simply asking "Wait but howwww?!!" The answer was not to be found in the comments but in a follow-up video. Spoiler alert...

...OK. The truth is- as you may have guessed- Holly didn't actually sneak a cat onto her flight. She saw a kitten stowed away in a carrier under the seat in front of her, and asked the owner if she could hold it. Once in her arms, the little buddy drifted off to sleep and snuggled up with her for the remainder of the flight! Sadly, there is no way to sneak your animals on board for a free ride, but this story is no less cute!

There may have been less intrigue and daring in the backstory than we initially expected, but nevertheless, these two videos were absolutely adorable. We're sure the kitten had a nicer plane trip snuggling up with someone friendly than being cooped up in its carrier, too! A great story all around.