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Man Shares Video of Recent 'Nightmare' Flight and People Can't Believe It

Being stuck on a flight with a person who won't stop talking can be the worst. Just trying to get through the flight can be stressful enough, but when you add a chatty person next to you with no escape, the journey can feel much more excruciating. 

Of course, some people go above and beyond simply talking your ear off. In a video that was shared on TikTok by @arthuromehretu, the creator records a video of a fellow passenger on his flight who was disturbing the whole plane ride. Wait until you get a load of what this woman was doing!

Good grief. On this guy's flight, this woman was just belting out songs the entire time like she was on stage or something! This is 100 times worse than someone talking your ear off. People are outraged that someone would do such a thing. One TikTok user, @mcultra2, said, "I don’t even want to sneeze on a flight & inconvenience anyone. I can’t comprehend the audacity of this." We wonder if the woman didn't care or just thought she was quietly singing to herself? Whatever the case, she certainly didn't seem to give AF.

At some point, there had to have been an end to this madness. Commenters are trying to figure out what possible reason she had to be singing on a public airplane. One user, @nailhoot, came up with an interesting theory: "Since she’s recording, I’m wondering if she’s trying to provoke a heated situation for publicity." That's one way to go about it. Maybe she's trying to show off her talents? 

However, some people who watched the video are absolutely dreading a similar situation. @ricknav1 chimed in with, "That would be my luck. Why are these people not immediately pulled off the flight? This is why I don't fly. Or go out in public in general." We don't know if this would make us swear off flying for eternity, but we'll definitely keep our fingers crossed that we never have this happen to us.