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Woman's Reaction to Being Taken on a 'Surprise Cruise' Is Totally Epic

We all love nice surprises, and it means a lot when a loved one goes through the trouble of surprising you with a really big present or vacation! It's tough to keep a big secret like that, especially if you live with the person you're surprising.

We know Robby Cole must have been bursting keeping this surprise "cruise" a secret from his wife. It was worth it in the end though, because it was a double surprise! It all started when he revealed part one of his plan to her, sharing it to their TikTok account @robbyandpenny.

OK, intriguing... when is a cruise not a cruise? Whatever it was, it must be something big, because she was absolutely stunned at the reveal! Now we're hooked and guessing.

People tried to guess what the ultimate surprise could be, and we found one big lead in the comments, from @shaniyalewis2021: "I know that turn. it's Disney." Could this be the clue that cracks it? Luckily, we wouldn't have to wait long to guess before the follow-up arrived.

Well played, dude- it's a cruise, just one that's out of this world! We've been really curious about what the Star Wars Galactic Cruiser experience is like. You can tell they're both big fans of Star Wars, especially her... she looked like she was even dressed like Rey!

Hey wait... if she had her Star Wars outfit on, doesn't that imply she knew where she was going? We weren't the only ones suspicious: "Why does she look like Rey in the last scene😂😂😂," wondered @brandonkillinger7. However, Robby had a surprising answer: "We visited Galaxy’s Edge right before this. She always dresses up for Disney. All part of my plan 😉." This guy even managed to get her to cosplay for the cruise without her even realizing it? This dude is a planning mastermind!

Robby is killing it in the surprise vacation game. Husband of the month for sure! If you're curious about what a stay in the Galactic Cruiser is like, he's still currently uploading the video in parts to their TikTok, so check it out!