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Man's Joke About How Vacation Begins With His Girlfriend Is All Too Real

Living in the age of social media, it's important for many people to get the perfect shot to show off every fun moment or significant life event. There are millions of eyes that could potentially be on the photos and videos you produce, so it's important that everything be picture-perfect!

Today's protagonist, Scott, is one half of the TikTok account @scottandsals. Scott knows a thing or two about sacrificing for the perfect shot. Rather than letting Scott crash on their hotel bed after check-in, Sal kicks him out of the hotel room! Why?

Ah, of course... Sal has to get the perfect shot of their hotel room before he's "made it messy". LOL, poor Scott! We get it though- the hotel room is only going to look that pristine once before the luggage gets opened up and bedding gets strewn everywhere. Might as well grab the moment when it's just right!

This funny dynamic was certainly relatable for other traveling couples! "I do that," admitted @lesharp. "Lol that's how it is, my hubby even asks me if he should wait until I made the video 😁" shared @helenabougas2107. LOL, we love to see an understanding husband!

"Mine was hiding in the curtain bcuz he didn’t want to be seen in the vid, but I filmed twice, the 2nd vid was him getting out, cuteness!🥰" recounted @Lilo. That's so silly...but still adorable!

While some people may be a bit over-the-top about getting their perfect shot, the upshot is that the memory of that moment is captured forever. From the photo albums of the past to the Instagrams and TikToks of today, people can hold on to exciting and magical memories for years to come.

With that in mind, we think it's worth it to take an extra minute or two to grab a shot of your nice hotel room!