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Mom's Reaction to Being Surprised by Her Family at Disney for Her 70th Birthday Is Epic

The best!

Pulling off the perfect birthday surprise is tricky. Making a plan, inviting friends and family, and most of all, making sure the person you're surprising doesn't find out in the process? Yeah, that's a huge challenge. But pulling all of that off when they're on vacation? That's next level.

People make it happen every day, though, and we have evidence of one especially epic surprise thanks to TikTok user @dylanander5on. When this mom and her husband visited Disney World to celebrate her birthday, she had no idea that they wouldn't be the only ones on the trip... and you just have to see the way it all went down.

First of all, the idea to photobomb her as the surprise was genius, because that means that every bit of it was captured forever, and there's no doubt this is something she's going to want to relive in the future! She completely freaked out in the best way — it's easy to see from her reaction that she didn't suspect a thing.

People are getting a little emotional about the surprise themselves, according to the comments on the video. While some joked about how expensive this must have been (the price of park tickets is no joke), others were really touched.

"Her reaction is priceless! How cool is this. What a beautiful gesture," one person wrote.

This is so sweet. How is her family going to top this when her birthday comes around next year?!

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