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Video of Woman Moving From the U.K. to Orlando to Live Out Her Dream Has Us in Tears

People are just so thrilled for her!

For a lot of people who visit Walt Disney World, it's a dream to live close enough to visit all the time — or even to become a Cast Member at the parks. After all, it is called the most magical place on earth for a reason. Does anyone ever really want their vacation to end? 

For one woman on TikTok, though, the magic is just beginning. User @bry.beee decided to move to Orlando from the United Kingdom to work at Disney, and even though it's obviously a huge change, she seemed so excited to share her adventure in a video. This is so cool! 

Her journey began at Manchester Airport, and she shared everything from her plane taking off to landing in Orlando, where she went to her hotel before hitting up Magic Kingdom and ending her day watching fireworks. Perfection! 

In the comments, she explained that she is doing the Cultural Exchange Program, which allows people from other countries to work at Disney and experience what life in the US is like. How cool! 

So many people cheered on her new adventure in the comments.

"Have the very best time. Working for Disney completely changed my life, I met my husband & some how ended up in London!" one person wrote. 

Another agreed, writing, "Welcome! We have been grateful to live here 8 years from Michigan. I hope you have a wonderful time!" 

This is such an exciting time for her. We're so jealous of how much time she's about to spend with Mickey Mouse!