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Woman's Epic Fail While Trying to Kiss the 'Blarney Stone' Is Just Priceless

She'll never live this down!

The Blarney Stone is a block of limestone on the parapet of Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland. According to ancient legend (and more importantly, nearly two hundred years of tradition), kissing this stone will infer upon the kisser the “gift of gab," alternately defined as eloquence, or just being able to lie really well.

To this end, millions of tourists and would-be politicians, actors, and anyone who wants a leg up in the BS business have traveled to Blarney Castle to kiss the stone. But it’s not a simple process! The actual Blarney Stone is set high in a tower and you have to lean over, upside down to get to it. In the early twentieth century, they actually dangled people from their ankles above the drop. There was even a Sherlock Holmes radio dramatization telling the story of a man who died in the attempt. Nowadays, people who want to smooch this rock have a human helper and a bunch of guard rails. But it’s still not a perfect system, as this video shows.

In the video, a woman goes to kiss the Blarney Stone, doesn’t lean back far enough over the opening above the tower, and lays one on the stone above the magical one. No eloquent superpowers for her!

She may have dodged a bullet, though, as several Blarney kissers report that the germ-infested stone didn’t give them the gift of gab, but rather passed along strep throat, cold sores, and other ailments. In COVID times, the keepers of the castle say they do occasionally spray the stone with disinfectant, but is it a risk you really want to take?

There are other legends about the stones of Blarney Castle, too. Some say that taking a stone from the castle leads to lifelong bad luck. On your next visit, maybe just take pictures.

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