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Woman's Impersonation of Fellow Passenger on New York City Flight Has Us in Stitches

This couldn't be more spot-on.

Part of the fun of traveling is the people we meet along the way (and yes, it's also part of what can make travel so annoying). There are those people we all end up sitting next to on a plane, for example — the snoring guy, the stranger who won't stop making conversation with us even when we have our Air Pods in. These are universal experiences. 

And then, there's the passenger from New York who starts sending texts and making calls the second the plane starts descending. And TikTok user @djsdjinthehouse911 shared the perfect impression of that passenger who we somehow have all sat next to on one flight or another. Seriously, how is this so spot-on?! 

While doing the perfect New York accent and everything, this woman perfectly encapsulates the energy of that passenger using talk to type to send a text message to her husband, who's picking her up from the airport... and then her frustration when her husband calls her even though she just texted him. LOL!

"As someone who flew from south Florida to LGA all throughout college… this is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen," one person who watched the video wrote. 

"Meryl Streep who? Your accent work is Oscar worthy," another commenter added. 

Those of us who have been encountered this passenger know just how true that is. If you haven't sat next to this woman on a flight yet, that just means your time is coming in the future. This video will ring true at some point!