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Woman Hilariously Spills the Tea on Her Hotel Neighbors and We're So Here for It

Motel drama TikTok has become viral with creators sharing their stories of things they've heard from neighbors in a hotel or motel. We are honestly so happy that this has become a trend because these stories are just wild. All of us nosy people love hearing the tea!

And there's a new video that's going viral on TikTok that was shared by @kimreynoldsmedia, where the creator shares a bit of drama that she overheard from her neighbors at the hotel she's staying at. You have to watch the video to get the gist of things, but it's SO funny. Let's just say that tit gets progressively worse as the story goes on. Check it out.

OMG. We are cracking up over this today! We love that this woman's son actually thought he could just come over and dump the kids on her! (Typical). People are chiming in on what the creator should do next. One user, @kathyron1 suggested that she should, "Be careful, next thing you know, you will be watching the grandkids." Haha! We wouldn't put it past that dude!

However, most of the viewers are just so charmed with this creator and want to join her on her quest for drama. Like user @nodak701, who said, "Woman after my own heart! I’m waiting for updates! Where are you? We can drinks margs all day." Honestly, we would all love to hear this drama first hand with a nice cool margarita. We can see why motel drama tok has become so popular and why everyone is living for it. User @jettiegirl28 said, "Commenting to stay on the “listening to other peoples business” side of TT. I’m here for it." Hopefully, this trend doesn't cease to exist! 

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