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Woman's Attempt to 'Camp Out' in Hotel Lobby Doesn't Go As Planned

Airport delays and cancellations are SO frustrating, but have pretty much become the 'new normal' in todays' climate. Sad, but true! If we actually do arrive at our destination without at least one snafu, that's a huge win for us! So, what to do when you are faced with a double digit time delay and you do not want to incur the expense of an overnight hotel room inconvenience? 

Check out TikTok creator @scrapbooksyd, as she had nowhere to stay and tries to 'camp out' inside of a hotel lobby for the duration of her flight delay. This poor girl gets pretty creative with 'blending' in as a hotel patron. We give her an A+ for effort! 

She was doing alright for awhile. Chilling in the lobby, minding her own business and even dined at their restaurant, so they can't kick her out - right? Check out her 2nd video to see if she succeeded or failed!

It looks like it's back to the airport terminal for her. Waaaa, she certainly gets an 'A+' for effort and one major stomach ache on top of it! Poor thing! Hopefully, she didn't end up pooping her pants! Good news for her, there are many lavatories inside the airport! 

TikTok fans are understanding of her situation but also concerned about her safety. User @amber.hooves says, "Oh girl I would’ve just walked the airport until I found a cozy spot and would’ve absolutely set up camp no shame." Yup we agree. Most of us have experienced this so we get it. Commenter @onoyoko states, "I once slept overnight on a booth in one of the closed restaurants in the Munich airport and it was actually pretty comfy." Now, that's a good one, but be careful! Another reviewer @bseey writes, "Ok so this is dangerous. Pay for the room." 

Travel delays are certainly a royal pain to endure, but please always remember that safety is paramount. No matter what!