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Woman's Ordeal While Flying With Her Bengal Cat Is Something Else

We can't believe she resorted to locking herself in the bathroom.

Traveling on your own as an adult can be stressful enough between packing, dealing with the airport, and the flight itself, but traveling with a pet is another experience entirely. It's not something that many of us will ever have to do, but those who have a flight with a cat or a dog under their belt know how many things can go wrong!

And as animal transporter @feliciawilson_85 shared on TikTok, traveling with some pets can be a lot harder than others! Of all the flights she's taken with Bengal cats, she's been kicked off of three of them for the cat's behavior, even as a professional, so she decided to share what it's like when she travels with a Bengal. 

After seeing this video, flying with a toddler looks like an absolute walk in the park.

First, there was the incessant meowing, which caused a fellow passenger to complain. Then, the complaints got to be so much that people began arguing with her, so she and the Bengal ended up hiding in the tiny airplane bathroom just to get a break from it all. We can't imagine how stressful that must have been (for both her and the cat).

It was a five hour flight, so she ended up in that bathroom for a long time. But fortunately, the kitty ended up at their destination all in one piece.

Many didn't hesitate to come to the cat's defense in the comments.

"I've heard a lot worse on a plane. People are so mean," one person wrote. Another added, "I’d way rather hear that sweet soul than a screaming kid any day!" 

It's not the kitty's fault — and it's not the animal transporter's fault either, since she just had a job to do. If only people could have been more patient with them both! 

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