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Woman Questioned for Being in the 'First Class' Line Gets the Last Laugh

It's a shame that people still hold onto bigoted beliefs in 2022, but old habits seem to die hard for some. Not only do they come from an ugly system of beliefs, stereotypes are frequently proven to be wrong. And oftentimes, they'll come back to bite you if you make assumptions based on them!

Entrepreneur @nadyaokamoto recently rode first class on her plane, and was the only POC passenger in the section, garnering her some snide comments from another passenger. Nadya would end up having the last laugh, though...

Oops! That's what you get when you make baseless stereotypes- and also, what a nosey thing to say to her regardless! But that's what happens when you assume... it makes an @$$ out of you and me! On the other hand, we hope Nadya herself wasn't too uncomfortable sitting next to that character in-flight. It seemed like she enjoyed having the last laugh, though!

"Happened to me once and after I said 'Please don't speak to me,' and put my AirPods in and ingored them... they got the message!! So enjoyed it!" shared @ddshavel. We absolutely love that. Way to shut that busybody down!

Unfortunately, this is a common occurence for many non-white first class passengers. "Upgraded to first on crosscountry trip. Older poc next to me. Both flight attendants asked for his boarding pass. Tenured prof at Harvard," recalled @sectechguy. User @knightwolf_32 shared a similar story involving himself: "I've had this happen to me. As all the old white people got on then me, and the flight attendant looks at me and says 'Everyone here is first class, right'?" It serves as a sobering reminder that oftentimes, employees themselves have these biases as well. 

As uncomfortable as these conversations can be, its important to confront these internal biases we might have. It costs nothing to approach people with kindness and openness rather than cynicism and suspicion- and at the end of the day, some people just need to learn how to mind their own business!

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