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Woman's Clever Solution to Finding Her Car at the Airport Is Brilliant

Parking at the airport is a pain, isn't it? The lots cost a pretty penny each day, you gotta get there early to park your car, and then you have to be sure not to lose the paper telling you where it's parked. Speaking of which- what happens if you do lose that little slip of paper?

Unfortunately, that's what happened to one woman, who shared an airport shuttle bus with TikTok user @dramallamamamma. However, this ingenious woman was undaunted, and devised a clever way to locate her lost car!

Hey, when plan A fails, sometimes you have to improvise! We're actually really impressed that this method succeeded. It does feel like something out of a Seinfeld episode- facing down a mundane problem in a unique and amusing way. But if it works, it works- and clearly, the shuttle bus driver was understanding of her plight. Losing your car at the airport is no joke!

It could always be much worse, as commenters shared disaster stories of their experiences losing their car at the airport. "I lost my ticket once, the one that says when I entered. They called my plates into local PD to confirm I was the owner of the car," shared @notherrealname. "This was me last week … except they dropped me off and I walked the aisle in cold was 47 out. Took 15 mins find my car," said @coliemarie87. "My father in law for 3 hours until he remembered that he took Uber," recalled @too.many.already. LMFAO- ok, that's too good!

While this woman's ingenious solution to her predicament worked, people shared ways to help people from losing their cars in the first place. "I would like to remind people that Google maps has a feature where you can drop a pin where you parked," advised @madcapmatt. "I love that. I take a picture of the big section signs because I know I'll forget," shared @erlenmyer_flask. Even that is not enough for some, though: "I always take a pic, text it to someone not with me AND email it to myself. I have bad luck so I have to be prepared," admitted @laurenopf. Hey, better to be overprepared than lost in the parking garage!

This woman's struggle is pretty relatable to anyone who's ever faced this predicament. Hopefully, though, the helpful recommendations people shared will help ensure you never lose your car at the airport again!

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