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Video of Woman Accidentally Falling Into the River in London Is Going Viral

This is the definition of a night out gone wrong.

Despite our best efforts at planning, sometimes, we have to deal with a major mishap while traveling. Getting lost on our way back to the Airbnb, forgetting something we really needed at home... things like this are all par for the course. And then, there are the moments when things go wrong that we wish we could forget — even if our friends are there, ready with their phones to make sure we never do! 

Just in case you need some help imagining your worst case travel scenario, this TikTok video from @whos_dhillon ought to do it. With a title like "That time my friend fell in the River Thames," we knew it was going to be good, but we had no idea how good until we watched it for ourselves.

Is it the way she slid down the stairs into the river or her silly screams that we loved most... or maybe some combination of the two? Either way, according to her friend who took the video, she was okay, so try not to feel too guilty if you laughed.

Still, it's pretty horrifying if you think about it, since this could have gone really wrong — and like some commenters pointed out on the video, it's not exactly the cleanest body of water she could have found herself in.

"My biggest fear!!! Think of how many dead rotting bodies and toxic waste is in there!! i would go hospital after that!!" one viewer wrote.

We're just glad she was able to make it out... and hopefully, go directly to a shower afterwards. This is not an experience anyone should have to go through, even for the LOLs.