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Woman Tries to Fake Out Her Boss While 'Working From Home' and We're Cracking Up

Due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are in a new era of Zoom calls and work from home alternatives to in-person office visits. Many have taken this opportunity as a great thing and have continued to work from home even after their offices have reopened.

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by, @kaitlynnolan_, one woman shares footage of her friend running into a problem when she takes advantage of her job's work-from-home policy. They are all going on a trip, and her boss schedules a Zoom meeting while they are on the way to the airport. Yikes! You have to see how she gets out of this situation. 

OMG! All of her friends trying to be silent and not laugh is so real. We all know that feeling where one of our friends is on the phone and you can't laugh, and it just makes the situation so much funnier. Plenty of commenters relate to what's happening, like user @therealteels, who said, "I’ve literally had to join a call while I was still waiting to be let off of a plane 😂". We wonder if this creator had to pretend to be home, too? 

Some of the other viewers have different ways of going about this sticky situation. One user @daisy_freezer has a pretty chill routine, saying, "My boss lets us do this, we just need to let them know where we are, for how long, and make sure we call in at requested hours and get our work done." However, if your boss isn't that chill, others gave ideas on what to say if you can't make a call right then and there. One user, @alicebarry63, said, "I’d be like so sorry! Ran out to get coffee!!!" Smart idea!