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Man on Train Sweetly Lets Woman Sit With His Dog and We're Here for It

Ever wish you could pet a fellow passenger's dog while riding near one on a train or plane? We often hold ourselves back from asking because we don't want to weird out or be an imposition on the owner. Still, that doesn't stop us from wishing!

Well, one woman got her wish. While riding on a train one morning, Jessica (@ceroquelsity on TikTok) was greeted by a fellow passenger's dog who absolutely made her day!

This is wonderful- not just because of the dog, who is undeniably adorable, but also for the kindness of his owner. Not everybody would be OK with letting their dog sit next to a stranger, but this person very sweetly allowed his friendly dog to visit Jessica. We know that had to have made her whole day- and was probably one of the best train rides she'd ever taken! "Best train journey ever..." echoed @sashas.momma- how could it not be?

"What a gorgeous pupper!!! So cuddly, too!!!" said @teacherofmunchkins. "Dogs know when someone needs cuddles," mused @finbar17- we don't know why dogs have such a good sense for it, but it's so true. Jessica probably wasn't the only one hurting for cuddles, though: "I think he was he wanted that cuddle too," remarked @kerriezarebski. Some dogs are just as curious about new people as we are about them!

We are so here for this sweet moment- it's so kind and wholesome, from the ultra-friendly dog to his kind and generous owner. "That's so nice, faith in humanity restored," said @skootieleveller- yes, indeed. 

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