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Video of Woman Dancing to 'Jump Around' on Cruise Ship Is Giving Us Life

She's living her best life!

One of the best vacations to let go and let loose on is a cruise. You're on a ship with endless entertainment (and plenty of fruity cocktails), you're mostly cut off from the rest of the world as far as technology goes, and you're surrounded by plenty of people who also want to party. Why not let yourself go a little crazy? 

If you've got a cruise coming up, you'll definitely want to check out this video from @ramsgirl30. She's showing us how it's done out on the ocean when she dances to "Jump Around" on the ship — who doesn't want to be this lady's friend? She's totally getting her groove on!

We don't know what we love most about this — her dance moves or the fact that she's doing it all with a drink in her hand. This is the definition of being on vacation, and it's hard not to want to plan a cruise after watching this!

It seems we're not the only ones who feel that way, judging by the thousands of comments of the post from people who were truly delighted to see how much fun she was having.

"This is kinda person I would love to hang out with because I know I would never be bored. You go girl," one person wrote.

"She’s a whole mood! I want her as my cruising buddy!" another person added. 

Everyone should get the chance to truly go wild and have fun like this lady every once in awhile. She should never change! 

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