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Woman's Hilarious Video About Being on Vacation With Family Is Spot-On

Long family vacations always sound good in theory. But many people tend to forget how sometimes, spending too much time with your loved ones can be a little suffocating. On top of that, if your family decides to take a long trip on a cruise ship, where there isn't much room to roam, the chances of being tired of each other double.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @kayliebs, the creator shows her family looking absolutely fed up with each other after almost two weeks on a cruise together. I'm sure we can all relate to this feeling at least once in our own lives. The look on each of their faces is absolutely priceless! 

This is too funny! After 11 days, they are all SO over it. Her caption explains it all, "We can no longer live off cruise food. #sendhelp" LOL after eating at the same restaurant for 11 days, we'd be ready for a home-cooked meal, too. Whether or not these people were really feeling like they'd had enough of each other or were simply trying to make a funny TikTok, it doesn't change the fact that the clip perfectly captured the sentiment. All family vacations have an expiration date! 

So many people are laughing the hardest at the grandpa's reaction to being with his family for 11 days. One commenter, @mattm911, said, "Guy in red was 20 when this cruise started". LOL! Vacation is supposed to slow the aging process down, not speed it up! Another comment we were dying over about the grandpa was from user @_franco4 who said, ".... I think grandpa BEEN wanting to go home 🕊" LOL he looks over it, and so does everyone else on that ship!