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Mom's Reaction to Being Kicked Out of Her Campsite by Moose Is Pretty Impressive

If you're an avid camper or wildnerness enthusiast, then you know that you have to be ready for anything. You're staying in nature's domain, and you have to accept that you're not the only being sharing that space!

This can get pretty scary pretty fast though, and TikTok user/ single mom influencer @wanderwithme25 ended up being quite startled by some unexpected visitors on her most recent solo camping trip. While crouching by her campfire in the site she set up in Twin Lakes, Utah, she was suddenly forced to evacuate her campsite by... well, see for yourself.

That's right... her campsite was invaded by not one, but two, moose! Anyone who's ever seen a moose or has heard about them knows you don't mess with the moose! She did the right thing by clearing out of there and waiting until they moved on. This footage was so cool, but still so scary!

"When you dropped the stick 😂😭😂," laughed @n0nb1narydemon. "I legit thought it was a bear 😂 stick had to go," responded @wanderwithme25. Honestly, a moose visit is only slightly less scary than a bear visit- though we suppose moose are less likely to raid your food!

"So cool! How long did they hang out? Scary but also awesome! ❤️" wondered @nicolesearching. "Right! They stayed for about 20 minutes before heading back through my camp, up into the forest. A little later I saw them again with a baby in tow," replied @wanderwithme25.. Aw, how cute that would be to see... from a significant distance.

"Good job with your camera! I had a mom and two calves run thru my campsite in Fraser Colorado several years back and I’ll never forget that feeling!" recalled @willythree. "Well done keeping your distance. You are a true camper appreciating nature," praised @susanmichaels4

We, too, have to commend @wanderwithme25 for keeping a cool head while she handled that sticky situation! She definitely has the spirit to be a camper extraordinaire!