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Woman's Clever Way of Finding the Identity of Man She Saw at the Airport Is Cracking Us Up

Ever met a kind stranger who did something nice for you, and wished you could know just a bit more about them? We've all been there, but like most strangers, we pass on through life without ever knowing who they were.

One TikTok user, @jordytings, was not content with leaving one stranger's identity a mystery- plus, she had the hots for them. When a handsome stranger did her a solid at the airport, she found out who he was using his luggage in a way that's pretty funny and... maybe a bit creepy.

Um... it's wild that she did this, right?

Like, we've all had passing thoughts about who strangers might really be before, especially if they look familiar or, like this case, we think they're hot. But tracking down their school and identity based on their luggage? That's a little bit more than extra! But hey, she didn't actually share his personal details here, which is the big thing. And there's nothing wrong with being curious- especially if you've got a crush. Still though- she's quite the sleuth!

"Okay, but we've all done that, right? right?!" asked @nothingtoomuch_ in the comments. Plenty of commenters chimed in with specific examples of them doing the same: "I had a really hot nurse when I had heart surgery and looked him up 😏," admitted @val_ventur. This one was really wild, though: "I’ve done this with no number but the words “I play Harvard football” and found his roster then his IG and followed him oops 😅," shared @kealleyluna.  Man, oh man.

This is pretty harmless and a little silly, at least in this case. However, there are people who use similar techniques to identify people that have intentions that are not so pure. This is a pretty good lesson to any concerned travelers- if you don't want to be found online easily, avoid wearing clothes or using luggage that could have identifying information such as your school name or workplace. Making simple but significant choices like these can help keep your identity safe while you travel.