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Tour of the 'Witchery' in Salem, Massachusetts Is Giving Us Major October Vibes

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Did you grow up watching movies like The Craft and Hocus Pocus? Ever have a goth phase (or maybe are still in one, like some of us are)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we've got a vacation destination that will simply bewitch you!

Anyone who knows anything about witches has heard of the town of Salem, Massachusetts, where the infamous Salem Witch Trials were held. While the Puritan residents of Salem at that time may not have been big fans of witches, more people nowadays appreciate the magical and mysterious! Many businesses in Salem have capitalized on the town's witchy history. TikTok user and Halloween fanatic @blogoween takes us on a virtual trip to The Witchery in Salem, where she and her daughter got to make their very own witch brooms!

OMG! This place is absolutely delightful and charming! With all the wonderful options in there, you can really personalize your magical broom and make it your own. The sign says they also do tarot readings and host shows... sounds like a bucket list visit for any witch or wizard!

"I can’t wait until I can finally get to Salem! Thanks for sharing, putting this on my list of where to go!👻" commented user @thinningtheveil. Those who had visited themselves shared their stories too! "I was there Halloween 2015 for my sisters wedding! Magical," shared @justnatale. "Yyyyeeesss!! I went and made a broom. Been to Salem many times. Wanna go back to make a book," said @samanthamiller15. Hold up- they do bookmaking too? Uh, sign us up please!

And of course, in typical millennial fashion, people were absolutely living for the girl's Hocus Pocus-themed costume. "Omg the Dani costume," commented @amberlovins1990. "Where did you get the Dani costume?!?!" asked @jlbx5. "Spirit Halloween," responded @blogoween. LOL, can't go wrong with good old Spirit Halloween!

We think The Witchery is an absolutely adorable little spot, and we're dying to visit and make a broom ourselves! Whether you're a fan of the mystical and magical or just planning on passing through Salem, check out The Witchery for a spellbinding experience!