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Video of Unbelievable Kayaking Spot in Wisconsin Has Us Seriously Intrigued

When people think about what Wisconsin is known for, they likely think of cheese, Milwaukee-brewed beers, and, of course- the Green Bay Packers. What it's not known for, at least in the public eye, is kayaking. However, Wisconsin is, after all, a Great Lakes state, and locals know some amazing spots for kayaking, canoeing, and other water activities.

This amazing spot in the Apostle Islands, located off of the coast of northern Wisconsin in Lake Superior, totally defied all of our expectations. Sharing their adventures as @thescrubsandthescruff on TikTok, Alex and Geoff take us on a kayaking trip through some of the Apostle Islands' insane rock formations.

This blew us away. The arching red rocks of the sea caves look like formations you'd see in parks throughout Colorado and Utah- we would never have guessed this was Wisconsin without the context. It's an absolutely gorgeous spot though, and the water looks clear, cool, and perfect for kayaking. Who knew, huh? Well- we suppose the locals did, but for most of us outside of Wisconsin, this place is a well-kept secret.

"That is the best! Look at all the colors and light play!" admired @angelkausa from the comments. "On my bucket list," shared @cautiouslycuteco. Honestly, we're not even the biggest kayaking enthusiasts, and even we want to check this place out now too. If nothing else, it's beautiful!

We had to know more about this place, so we did a bit of research of our own. In addition to kayaking, visitors can enjoyed scuba diving, hiking, camping, and many other activities throughout most of these islands, which are mostly uninhabited except for one, Madeline Island. It's an amazing place for bird-watching too, with over 240 species of bird that breed or migrate to this area. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors in Wisconsin, check out the Apostle Islands- and don't forget to bring a kayak!