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Video Of Cool Winter Activities in Switzerland Gives Us the Travel Bug

The changing of the seasons hasn't slowed serious travelers any. Instead, tourists and globe-hoppers are planning snowy excursions of winter fun. One such destination that gets big around wintertime is Switzerland.

With the stunning Swiss Alps,  charming towns and cities, and world-class ski resorts, Switzerland is a veritable winter wonderland for travelers the world over. This video, shared by Swiss family TikTok account @wirth.a.trip, shows off just six of the many amazing things visitors can do in Switzerland this winter.

Ok, seriously- everything in this video looks totally incredible. There are a few of the common Switzerland must-see spots and must-do activities. You gotta go to Zermatt, you should definitely try out some winter sports like sledding, etc. But some of the stuff on their list we would have never expected. Like what was that HotTug thing? So luxurious. That Ice Palace is news to us, too. As much as we've heard about Switzerland, there's still so much to surprise us. Watching this definitely gave us the travel bug big time- we gotta get ourselves over to Switzerland soon.

"Don’t forget the food," reminded @ctravelofficial. How could we ever? With sumptuous cheese fondue, world-famous chocolate, and delicious wines and beers, Switzerland is a European gourmand's paradise. Just thinking about it has our stomachs growling.

"Switzerland is unreal," marveled @the_travelingginger. "Omg I wanna do them alll," admired @julieteinparis- seriously, same. The small Alpine country never ceases to amaze us.

While temperatures are already dropping all over Europe, the best months for Swiss snow are January through March. As this video shows, though, you'll be hard-pressed to run out of fun things to do in Switzerland all winter long!

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