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Video of Winnie the Pooh Catching Butterflies at Epcot Gives Us all the Feels

Disney World is "the most magical place on Earth," and it's one of the few places where children and grown-up Disney lovers alike can go to see their childhood fantasies come to life! Character meet-and-greets are always popular, as it gives a chance for lifelong fans to finally come face-to-face with their favorite characters. Many visitors to Disney World even bring autograph books for their fave characters to sign!

Sometimes, however, the real magic happens outside of the photoshoots and the staged meet-and-greets. Many times, the magic comes from watching the characters do their own thing, like in this adorable video posted by Tiktok user @zoeroseanne625, showing the beloved character Winnie The Pooh at Epcot gently catching butterflies in a butterfly net. "Pooh catching butterflies in Epcot is healing my inner child" read the text in the video, and we definitely felt that watching it!

Omg... getting choked up right now. Seriously, this video is so freaking cute!!! Watching Winnie The Pooh happily strolling through the grass and sneaking up on the butterflies made us feel like we'd just been magically transported to the Hundred Acre Wood. Everyone in the comments loved it, too. "HE'S LITERALLY THE CUTEST" cried Tiktok user @abreazy98.

Some of the commenters had even seen Pooh's adorable antics in person. User @sarahkrivena said "I was there in may and watched him for easily 20 minutes." "I saw Pooh putting on sunscreen last year and it made my day" chimed in @khrystie. Some were simply overcome with emotion. User @bayliedorrrr said "I literally cried when I watched him at Epcot, it’s embarrassing."

Don't be embarrassed, Baylie. We're right there with you. If you're planning a trip to Disney World any time soon, visit Epcot and see if you can catch Winnie The Pooh at play!

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