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Brooklyn Hotel Bathtub With a View of the New York City Skyline Is Totally Dream-Worthy

Now this is one tub we'd never want to get out of.

Finding the perfect place to stay when visiting New York City can be tricky. Even if you're willing to splurge, how do you figure out where to stay that will have a restful location away from loud noises at night but also isn't too far away from the action? 

If that's a question you're faced with while traveling in the near future, we might have the perfect solution for you, thanks to @gjieparadise on TikTok. They showed off footage from a recent stay in a hotel in Brooklyn that has the most amazing view ever from the bathroom, allowing guests to take in the NYC skyline while kicking back in the bubble bath. 

We can't imagine anything more impressive than this! 

From what we can see in this video, it looks like the bathroom in question is gorgeous, but it really can't compete with that view. You can see the skyline in all its glory, and we can't imagine a better way to unwind from a long day of seeing the sights than enjoying a bath in that giant tub. 

If you need to experience this moment for yourself, the hotel in the video is the Williamsburg Hotel, and to get a view like this one, you're definitely going to have to splurge a bit. Rooms like their Skyline Suite offer 180 degree views of Brooklyn and NYC, including that skyline view we saw in the bathroom.

Those staying in the hotel can also take advantage of the rooftop pool and bar, which is another way of getting to see an amazing view. 

It might be worth the extra cash, even for a night. You can't compete with a bathroom like that!