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Woman's Reaction to Encounter With Wild Orcas in San Diego Is Priceless

Orcas are among the ocean's most fascinating creatures. Orca shows used to draw major crowds at SeaWorld, but over the past decade or so, due to the discoveries of their inhumane treatment at SeaWorld, more tourists are moving away from unethical theme parks, opting instead to go whale watching in their natural habitats.

Wild orcas are often wary of humans. However while whale watching in San Diego, Domenic Biagini (@dolphindronedom on TikTok) and his friends got a special treat- the whales came right up to them!

Their enthusiasm is infectious! It's incredible how curious and bold these orcas are being- though we assume that the orcas in San Diego Bay are likely used to the presence of whale watchers, and know that these humans mean them no harm. Still, what an incredible sight. We can hardly blame the whale watchers for freaking out a bit!

Amusingly, some of the commenters wondered if the excited screams of the humans might have been piquing the orcas' interest. "The orcas are saying “did you hear that woman screaming?”" joked @noles1981. LOL, we get it, but we can't find it in our hearts to blame them for being overly enthusiastic- this moment is so cool. "Orcas are my top favourite animal and if I was these people I'D BE SCREAMING TOO!" @rat_master01 sympathized.

Some viewers speculated if the odd sounds the orcas were making were an attempt to communicate with the humans. "Evolution happening in front of our eyes. It was mimicking motors to see if we could communicate," @ianwidow speculated. "Mimicking motors! Luna, L98 of the SRKW did this after spending time within harbors! So I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest! Little copy cats," said @flukesandfins. Interesting- could these whales have been trying to communicate in order to make some two-legged friends? Either way, we know that at least for Domenic and his (human) friends, that was a day they'll never forget.

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