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Woman's 'Wild Africa Trek' Through Animal Kingdom Is A Real Trip

If you've ever visited Animal Kingdom, there's a good chance that you went on a Kilimanjaro Safari! Animal lovers hop onto a safari tour vehicle and go on a ride through a 110-acre savannah teeming with hippos, lions, giraffes, and more! It's pretty cool for a 20-minute trek- but what if you could get even closer to the animals?

Unbeknownst to most visitors, Animal Kingdom offers a private VIP "Wild Africa Trek" that takes the safari experience to the next level! Disney lover @boundingwithtarri and her boyfriend tackled the trek together. 

This has to be one of Disney World's best-kept secrets- we had no idea they offered something like this! Even some Disney employees themselves were surprised to learn of this tour, like @noctefuror, who confessed: "Oh, I’ve been working at Disney for 5 years and didn’t know this was a thing! I hope you guys had so much fun." Everytime we think we know all there is to know about Disney, something comes up to surprise us!

For three hours, Tarri and her partner got to explore inside the animal enclosures, cross rickety (but safe) rope bridges, and meet the African animals up close and personal! The experience was topped off with a delicious gourmet snack time, which must have been perfect after working up an appetite on the private safari. That's a seriously deluxe trek!

The Wild Africa Trek costs about $199 per person before tax, according to Disney World's website- but frankly, that's not that much by Disney standards. If you're a serious animal lover, and the Kilimanjaro tour wasn't enough to scratch your safari itch, the Wild Africa Trek may well be worth the expense!

"This is so cool! I have been to Disney almost 10 times and I NEVER knew about this. Thx for sharing your experience!" thanked @ashely_ftw. "This was literally the best tour I’ve ever done!!!! So fun!!" @carly__guenther glowingly recommended. "Wow, as an animal lover that seems like an amazing time!" @zoeyym0rgz admired. 

If you're a serious animal lover and you can spare the extra expense, skip the Kilimanjaro Safari the next time you're in Animal Kingdom. Instead, pull on your hiking boots, stretch your calves, and treat yourself to the Wild Africa Trek!

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