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Husband Deems Wife a 'Superhero' After Plane's Overhead Bin Unexpectedly Opens In-Flight

If you fly a lot, you've heard this warning a hundred times: "Be careful opening the overhead compartments, as bags may have shifted in flight." Turns out, that's the best case scenario. Heavy turbulence can cause the compartment doors to be thrown open, cascading heavy baggage on the unfortunate passengers seated below!

That's what *almost* happened to Cory Dennie, who shares a TikTok account with his wife Jourdan (@jourdaneats). We say "almost", because his wife was there to save the day!

This is a seriously impressive move,  especially supporting all that weight from a seated position! Jourdan's cat-like reflexes and super strength amazed her husband, who compared her to Spiderman and Wonder Woman for her heroic feat. And she really is a superhero here! Not only did she spare her husband, kids, and fellow passengers from getting clobbered by falling luggage, but she also kept their things for getting broken or blown open. That's the kind of superhero we need on our flights!

Commenters had an idea of what kicked in here. "Mother powers kicked in! She was like I need to protect my baby," exclaimed @princeondemand. "Mothers can and have picked up a car when it comes to her babies," reminded @marci522 (not even an exaggeration- this has literally happened before). User @michaelmullin50 agrees: "LOL nah dude she has mom reaction time. It's basically the same as flash reaction time." Anybody whose mom ever threw her arm across them in the front seat when making a hard stop in the car knows about Mom Reaction Time!

Jourdan may not have the same international recognition as Spiderman or Wonder Woman. However, everybody near her on the plane that day saw her for who she really is: a real-life superhero!

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