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Wife's 'Horrible' Phone Call From Husband Who's on a Cruise Ship Has a Funny Twist

Working on board cruise ships is an experience that many people love, but we'd be lying if we said there weren't drawbacks too. Storms, illnesses, cramped quarters... life on the high seas isn't a walk in the park. There are even some bizarre drawbacks we never would have  expected.

TikTok user Christine aka @dutchworld_americangirl works on cruise ships with her husband. She recently got a 'horrible' phone call from him about something very important to them- and we're completely serious when we say there's a funny twist we never saw coming!

LMAO! How crazy is this? Some people worry about their significant other forgetting about their birthday or anniversary- but almost no one has to worry about their very important date simply being wiped from the calendar! What are the odds? 

Ironically, the fact that the official date won't exist for this couple might make this year's birthday+anniversary combo celebration their most memorable one yet! Like, how could you ever forget that? "Honey, do you remember the year our anniversary/ my birthday literally didn't happen?" That's a core memory right there!

Commenters saw a few more upsides to this incredibly unique situation. "Okay buuuut this is perfect - celebrate your birthday March 2nd, and anniversary March 4th," @excellently.erika suggested. User @stacyhayesgeer went even further: "So you don’t turn 42 til next year! Play your cards right & you can always be 41!!!" Genius!

As wild and one-of-a-kind as this scenario is, it could always be worse. "My wife and i got married on Leap Day. Our anniversary is every 4 years," @brian_____21 shared. Oof! On the other hand, though, maybe they planned for that intentionally... takes the pressure off of planning a major celebration every year!

It's situations like these that would almost never come to mind for the average person, but that's the reality that some people living on cruise ships have to tangle with. Luckily, Christine and her husband live and work together on the high seas, so at least they're not alone in facing whatever cruise ship life throws at them!

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