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Unique Restaurant on the Vermont-New Hampshire Border Is Way Too Cool

You can enter in one state and eat in another!

If you get a kick out of crossing state lines while traveling, don't worry — you're definitely not alone. It's fun to see where one state ends and another begins, especially if you're on foot somewhere that line is denoted... and in one part of the country, that line is inside of a restaurant. No, really.

As it turns out, there's a restaurant on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire, and as a TikTok video from @madelainemayfield showed, you actually cross the line as you enter the restaurant, allowing patrons to enter while they're in Vermont but eat in New Hampshire. This is too cool! 

The restaurant also seems to have great views, and from the footage shared in the video, we can see that the food and drinks look yummy, too. What more could anyone ask for? 

The place in question is called Whetstone Beer Co. and, as the name would suggests, offers up a wide variety of beers, many of which are brewed on site. The menu includes typical bar food like burgers and fries, and if you're eating there, you can either eat inside or in the outdoor bier garten on the roof of the restaurant to really take advantage of those gorgeous views.

And according to those who commented on the video, it definitely sounds worth checking out — one person suggested the poutine, while others just go for the good beer and food and had no idea that it was located on the state border.

This is pretty neat. Now we're wondering if there are other restaurants like this that are technically in two states...