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Video of Woman Explaining What Turbulence Really Does to a Plane Is Going Viral

Turbulence can make anyone never want to step foot on another plane again. Still, many don't actually know what turbulence is, and it's not as worrisome as some might think. (Even though it totally sucks when you're on a flight that's bouncing around.) Luckily, one woman on TikTok gave a good tip for fearful flyers, explaining what really happens to a plane during turbulence.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @anna..paull, she explains a cool method for how to visualize what turbulence really looks and feels like. You'll want to see this, especially if you have a fear of flying.

Wow! Doesn't this make turbulence make sense and seem a lot less scary? It really puts things into perspective. The commenters on this video agree that this visualization using jelly has eased many of their fears. User @madeleinecwhite said, "Ty Anna, my fear of flying is gone now." We have to say, this explanation really did help. And user @n.koeiman1 said, "I have really really bad flight anxiety. Thank you for this ❤️." It really is wonderful when you can get a good takeaway on TikTok.

Some people who viewed the clip are taking the jelly example a little too literally, however. Like user @caseykwak who said, "Plane freaking out about turbulence. Me: don’t worry guys, we’re just in wobbly jelly." If this little example isn't enough to calm your fears, just keep in mind that turbulence is totally normal. Pilots encounter it all the time, and as long as the flight crew seems cool and collected, there's likely nothing much to worry about -- other than a bumpy and uncomfortable ride! 

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