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Man's Crazy Encounter With Whale on a Fishing Trip Is Totally Wild

Whales are beautiful creatures beloved by many ocean enthusiasts. People pay good money to go on special whale-watching excursions just to catch a glimpse of the stunning ocean mammals. Some lucky people, however, have gotten quite the surprising whale-watching experience for free!

TikTok user and fishing enthusiast @zachpiller18 was enjoying a relaxing fishing trip on his boat off the coast of New Jersey. Little did he know that he was about to catch something much bigger- on video, that is!

That... was... WILD! Holy cow! We've never seen anything like this before. Like, we've seen some pretty amazing videos of whales leaping out of the water, but this surprise leap out of the water right in front of the fishermen like this- that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And somehow, the other guy held on to his catch! This is totally mind-blowing, and how insanely lucky were they to catch this on video? Some people would pay hundreds of dollars to experience this. This is one fishing trip we know they'll never forget- and they sure came away from it with a whale of a tale!

People couldn't believe their eyes at this buck-wild video. "Thank God he didn't break your boat in half! That's crazy!" marvelled @mochere. "I've laughed way to hard at this near death experience. Audio is A++," laughed @shinebox52. "Hope you were wearing your brown pants," quipped @mcinders. LOL!

"What an awesome and crazy experience!" admired @idonttokortik. Awesome and crazy ain't the half of it. Forget other fishing stories- Zach now has a fishing story to outweigh all others for the rest of his life! With his luck, maybe he should start giving whale-watching tours!

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