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Man Shares Video of His 'Weirdest Flight Ever' and We Honestly Don't Know How to React

We've all been on flights that were kinda "off". Maybe you went through a lot of turbulence, or another passenger was kinda weird, or you spent a long time taxiing before takeoff. Most of the time, idiosyncratic stuff on board an airplane is still just kinda mundane... but what happened on this man's flight was totally out of left field.

TikTok performer @emersoncollins1 went on maybe the weirdest flight we've ever seen. Throughout the whole flight there was an intruder on the intercom- yes, really- that intermittently made sounds like... well, Emerson describes it best.

LMFAO! What in the WORLD is going on? We don't know if the term "Pukeyank" ever really needed to be coined, but now it's out there in the world... make of that what you will. Truly, we've never seen- well, heard- anything like it! Everyone on the plane is at a loss too- passengers and flight crew alike all had this general attitude of "WTF".

It also drove us crazy that the mysterious intruder wasn't discovered, because... Who? What? How? Why? We have so many questions. "This is the biggest in-flight mystery since D.B. Cooper," said @shieldthatguards. One thing is for certain, though- if it's a prank, it definitely worked on the viewers.

"Oh dear god I’m in tears laughing. (And yet another law the FAA has to make now)," laughed @lutzander. "Target audience of prank has been reached. It’s me. I’m weeping laughing," affirmed @beefaccident. "I would be laughing the whole flight and everyone would be annoyed with ME, not Pukeyank. 😅," admitted @blahhhhhhhhhhdida. Please, no more Pukeyank, lmfao, we can't take it. "10/10 I'd take this over the Southwest flight full of ukuleles," quipped @thatspookycj. Oh dear god... honestly, same.

In the midst of all the laughter, though, somebody suggested a scenario that... might just be a plausible answer? "Someone’s CPAP machine Bluetooth paired wrong," suggested @lneuf999. "Omg it kind of does sound like a CPAP at times!!" agreed @ktigrl1. There's some sense to that, too- if the flight crew was looking for a prankster, they'd likely ignore a sleeping CPAP user who might have unwittingly been the culprit the entire time!

We might never know the real answer to WTF was going on here, but one thing's for certain- we got our daily dose of laughter in!