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Man's Video Showing Unusual Entry to His Cruise Ship Cabin Has People Confused

You don't want a lot of mystery or intrigue when you're settling into your cruise ship cabin. The last thing you need when you're trying to get unpacked is more questions than answers. So what do you make of it when your cruise ship cabin has a bizarre entryway with a mystery door?

That's exactly the curious situation that the man behind the TikTok account @cruisevacationhub encountered when arriving at his cabin on a recent cruise. We have some theories as to what this might be, but see what you make of it first: 

Weird, right? Why do you need multiple door placards after you've already walked through the main door? Why is there a little hallway? And what does the extra door lead to? It's definitely a weird setup. However, we have a pretty plausible theory as to why it's set up this way... did anyone in the comments think of it, too?

"Somewhere... left, right, or behind you, there's a door that permits your room and one or more adjacent rooms to be set up together," @retriggerme believed. "It looks like you have a suite that could have an adjoining cabin… they probably turn the locks off the interior one in that case," @swirlywand observed. Yep, we believe that's exactly the case here. When big families go on cruises, one little cabin is probably not going to be enough for all of them. This hallway lets travelers booking multiple cabins connect adjoining rooms and gives them extra flexibility and privacy!

That's what we think, anyway. That didn't stop commenters from positing their own theories... "Warp tunnel. I’ve seen these in Mario Bros," quipped @jennsickies. "Airlock in case water enters," suggested @alexformw. We're probably good on cruises needing airlocks until they come up with cruise ship submarines!

Even if he's traveling solo and doesn't need the adjoining cabin, though, the video's creator can look on the bright side: "Perfect room. You can't hear kids running in the hallway," pointed out @pitviperden. We'd say he may have accidentally hit the jackpot scoring a room with its own mini-hallway!