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Walt Disney's Favorite Restaurant in Los Angeles Is So Full of History and Secrets

Disney fans won't want to miss dining here.

When you go to Disneyland in California, you're doing much more than just visiting a theme park — you're also going to a piece of history, the only Disney park in the world that Walt Disney got to visit himself to see the results of his hard work. So it goes without saying that in the surrounding area, there are a lot of places that will be interesting for Disney fans to see, as well. 

One of those places is the Tam O'Shanter, Walt's favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, and @benny_the_cab shared a look at the place on TikTok. In his video, he explained that Walt, who died in 1966, was so frequently at the Tam that he had a table named after him, and today, the Scottish-themed restaurant is filled with art from Disney cartoonists along with photos of Walt himself.

Interestingly enough, the room of the restaurant where Walt's table (complete with commemorative plaque) is located is the room that served as the inspiration for the seven dwarves' cabin from Snow White. How cool is that? It's like we can see him sitting there, eating dinner, and getting inspired for what would turn out to be a life changing movie for his career. 

The eatery is good for more than just a dose of history and Disney magic — according to the man behind the camera, the food was actually really good too.

Disney fans, this might be worth adding to your list for your next trip to LA. What a cool place!