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New Video of Volcano Erupting in Iceland Is Just Incredible

It would be surreal to see this in person.

It's easy to appreciate the beauty of nature just by looking around, but there's nothing like a natural disaster to really remind us of how powerful it is. Earthquakes and tornadoes can cause mass destruction, proving that here's nothing nature can't do... and then, there are volcanoes, which are on a whole other level.

One woman, @kyanasue, took to TikTok to share a volcano that was erupting in Iceland, where she lives. It's crazy to see the paths of glowing lava everywhere, and as she puts it, "new earth is being born." It's fascinating to see how this is changing the land, though nothing could compare to actually seeing the volcano erupting in person.

People are totally amazed by what she's witnessing (even though a few definitely cracked jokes about Vecna from Stranger Things). It's pretty cool to see, especially since volcanoes aren't something that people who live in the continental United States see very often (if at all).

Out of more than 1,800 comments on the post, some people are a little concerned for the woman's safety as she's filming, leaving comments advising her to run away, while others are more fascinated by this visual.

"Perfect moment to play the floor is lava," one person joked.

Here's hoping everyone in Iceland is staying safe, while also observing this wild act of nature at the same time.