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Viral Video of a Typical First Day on a 'Virgin Voyages' Cruise Has Us Green With Envy

It looks absolutely incredible.

If you love to cruise, heading out on Virgin Voyages' brand new ship is likely on your future travel to do list, especially now that the luxury liner is sailing out of Miami and is an adults only environment — ideal for those who don't consider spending time around kids to be a true vacation (and yes, we're including parents who are in need of a break in that category!). But most importantly, this cruise line is fancy.

One lucky sailor, @positivami, shared her experience with Virgin Voyages on TikTok, giving her followers a glimpse at what it's like to sail on the ship, and we totally get why these videos are going viral. In this one, she shares what happened on day one of her cruise, and OMG. This is the definition of relaxing in luxury! 

From what we can see of the ship (and the state rooms) in this video, it looks like there's a lot of space for people to spread out, and everything from the bars to the pools just looks nice. The passengers were even given champagne to toast with as the ship pulled out! 

And don't even get us started on the food. They had ice cream, sushi, and burgers all in one day, and the night ended with a pajama party. This seems like the cruise of our dreams! 

This may end up on our cruise bucket list. Who wouldn't be happy on a ship like this?