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Virgin Atlantic Airlines' New Business Class Cabin Looks Like It's Straight Out of the Club

Traveling to a foreign country with friends is something we all would love to experience in our lifetimes. After all, some of the best memories are made by seeing the world together. Of course, it's always a plus if you can take said vacations in style by flying in business class or first class. Apparently there's a new feature on Virgin Atlantic Airlines business class that allows you to get up close and personal with your travel companions.

A video that's going viral on TikTok was shared by @nickyjkelvin. In the clip, the creator shows this awesome new seating arrangement, and it's different than anything we've ever seen before. On top of that, the lighting in the cabin makes it look and feel like you aren't on a plane at all. It honestly reminds us more of a night club. Take a look!

Wow! We're guessing this could make for one pretty rowdy plane ride. So there's neon lights and you can sit with all of your friends. This sounds so amazing! People agree that this setup is like no other, but some are mentioning how expensive it must be. One TikTok user, @haloweenscorpio, said, "I need to first be able to afford first class and then find friends who can too 😂." LOL, yeah that might help. But if you are looking to have a gals or a guys trip and want to spend a little, this airplane setup may be the one for you. 

However, some of the commenters are saying how Virgin is actually copying another airline. TikTok user @syed_mamoon99 said, "Looks like copy-and-pasted Q Suites design and seating 😎." Qatar Airlines apparently designed this seating configuration before Virgin Atlantic. Regardless of who came up with it first, some people are loving this design adaptation. One commenter, @pointslifestyle, said, "Major Q suites vibes!!! I love it." Something tells us those who are lucky enough to experience it will love it, too.

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