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Woman's $5000 VIP Tour of 'Disney World' Has People Talking

People spend good money to have the time of their lives at Disney World, and while you can still enjoy Disney World on a budget, more funds means more fun. But just how extravagant can you get? One woman dropped $5000 on the special VIP tour of the parks, and it's got people talking.

TikTok influencer @nikkiiiilovve is a total Disney superfan. Her VIP tour of Disney World looked like a real treat to say the least!

Honestly, that looks like a great time. Anything that lets you cut the long lines at Disney, whether it's a Fast Pass or VIP tour, is a major plus. Getting into those exclusive clubs is pretty sweet, too. But honestly, we think the real winner here is the tour guide- he gets to go on all the rides, and instead of shelling out thousands of bucks, he's getting paid to do it! Wonder if they're hiring... 

Still, $5k for a VIP tour is pretty steep for most people. What did Nikki's viewers think of her trip?

Not everyone thought the experience was worth the steep price tag. "5 grand on a theme park is wild," @ugandanspecialops commented. "If you know what you’re doing and how to game Genie+, you could do all that much cheaper," @thehungrylonghorn remarked.

Still, others who had taken the VIP tour says it's well worth the money. "It’s definitely worth in my opinion, I was able to hit every ride in California for both parks. It’s like $5k though plus tickets for your group," @nathanhnz recommended. "I did this once for my birthday and it is the best experience ever!!" @araie_22 reminisced fondly.

You don't need to spend big bucks on a VIP tour to have a great time at Disney World. Still, there's no denying that the exclusive special treatment can make a Disney vacation extra magical!

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