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Video of a Day in the Life of a VIP Cruise Passenger Has Us So Envious

We love checking out various peoples' cruise experiences, fromn solo travelers showing us how to cruise on a budget to big spenders dropping dollars on the nicest staterooms. One perspective we haven't seen a lot of, though, is what it's like for VIP cruise ship passengers. How does it compare to everyone else's experience?

Travel vlogger @austinhamawy was recent invited on Celebrity Cruises' new ship, the Beyond, as a VIP guest. He gives us an intriguing glimpse into his journey at sea as a VIP!

Looks like a pretty sweet trip. In many ways, it's similar to the general cruise ship experience, which is already prety swanky, but with exclusive parties and perks. Was that high-end whiskey part of the free perks? Because if so, wow, that's swanky. We were also super into the process of being escorted onto the ship- that would definitely make the hassle of checking in on board way more smooth. So... how do we go about getting a VIP invitation?

But what did Austin's followers think of his experience so far? People were a pretty big fan of Celebrity Cruises, and this brand new ship as well. "I sailed with Celebrity Cruise Lines and I will be back! Talk about world class service!" @robolson2021 gave a glowing recommendation. "Oh my god that looks good," admired another user."Hopping on this beauty tomorrow for five nights! I only cruise on Celebrity. It's by far the best," exclaimed @southpauseislandgirl.

There's a lot to envy from Austin's experience so far. We're curious to see what surprises will be included in his final update!

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