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Man's 'Insane' VIP Airport Experience Is Straight Out of a Movie

Whether you're flying first class or economy, most of us go through the airport the same way- you check your bags, go through security, walk down to your gate, and, if you have time, hit up a restaurant or lounge for a nosh. But what if there was a more luxurious way to arrive at the airport? At LAX, there is.

Actor @realadamrose was treated to a luxury airport arrival by PS, a private terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. This is the airport experience at its finest!

This must be what it would feel like to be a real-life James Bond. Like, you literally get served caviar and champagne first thing- is that not the height of luxury? The real luxury, though, was not having to wait in a TSA line or fight through crowds to make it to your gate- you bypass it all with private everything and a sweet ride right up to the plane on the tarmac.

"I would love to go through all that, see the other people's faces as I get onto the plane, and then immediately walk back and sit in coach," laughed @ruru_forus. "I want to do this but roll up to my Spirit Airlines flight," quipped @argeldionio. LMFAO!

As you might expect, though, the average flyer doesn't get this experience. "Same it’s only at LAX. However, it’s not for everyone at around $1000 a person," added @tangoguy. Yeah, all the best stuff is exclusive in one way or another. Still, if you're a bit of a big shot with extra cash to burn, we could see this all being worth it.

At that price point, why not just pull out all the stops? "Wait they don't carry you up the stairs?" wondered @cgalloway711. "Should have complained it was stairs not an escalator to the plane," joked @tizzygoldfish. Yeah, PS, do better.

LOL- of course, we kid. If you're intrigued and want to experience this luxury treatment at LAX for yourself- and you have the budget for it- more information can be found on their website. Don't eat before you go- save room for the gourmet burger and fries!

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