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Woman Finds Vintage Suitcase All Packed for LA Trip and the Contents Are Amazing

We all love a good thrift store shopping trip. Being able to find clothes that suit your personal style is the best feeling. But one person in particular got the thrift store experience of a lifetime when she found a suitcase full of never-used, vintage items that transport you straight back to a 1950s Barbie dream house. Seriously, we aren't even believing what she found. 

In the video that was shared on TikTok by @sydmlima, she documents herself finding a suitcase in a home she recently bought, which turns out to be a goldmine. It was all packed and ready for a trip to Los Angeles. Just wait until you see the vintage gems she finds. 

Whoa! One person's trash is another person's treasure, right? This suitcase is honestly like a time capsule! People who watched the clip are freaking out as much as we are. User @dottie.moonby said, "The way I would cry if if I found this." Those pieces could bring tears to any person who loves a good thrift, or anyone with a knack for 50s style.

It's interesting to take a look into the life of someone just by their vacation suitcase. However, some of the commenters are wondering why these timeless pieces are still in perfect condition. The creator of the video explained, "Pretty much everything is still in original boxes with original tags!!" Huh. We can't help but wonder if the original owner of the suitcase ever did make it to LA? And if she did, why on earth did she leave all of these belongings behind? Maybe some stories are just better left off as mysteries.