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Actress From 'The Holiday' Revisits Village Where It Was Filmed

Rom-com lovers may recall the charming 2006 movie The Holiday, where a hotshot Hollywood producer and an urbane London columnist, both unlucky in love, swap homes over the holidays. While part of the movie takes place in Hollywood, the other half takes place in a small British village.

Actress Miffy Englefield (@miffz_ on TikTok), who played Sophie in the film, recently revisited Shere, the village filmed in the movie. Her visit with her dad and baby is a walk down memory lane.

Her video is an instant nostalgia blast for anyone who's ever loved The Holiday, but you don't have to have seen the movie to appreciate the village's cozy charm. The surrounding county of Surrey is one of England's most idyllic areas, and the village of Shere alone has been represented in many films (peep the chapel that was also seen in Bridget Jones' Diary). Full of comforting charm and a classic rustic British atmosphere,  it's no wonder why Miffy felt called back to such a nostalgic location. 

Locals and previous visitors to the charming village had their own additional recommendations to share. "If you go to Shere again you should 100% go to Kinghams Restaurant - perfect for a special occasion; the food is to die for!" added @jessbaker89. "Next time check out the Silent Pool gin distillery. Also the crystal clear Silent 'Pool'," suggested @unicornmum01. We may or may not be working up a Shere itinerary based off of these recommendations... keep 'em coming.

London may be the crown jewel of England as far as its cities are concerned, but it's the adorable small towns and villages like Shere where the country's rural beauty shines through. Whether you want to recreate your favorite moments from The Holiday or relax in a quiet rustic community, don't sleep on serene, idyllic Shere! 

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