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Video Tour of Incredible Vietnam Cruise Has Us Shook

Not all cruises are the massive, over-the-top floating amusement parks packed with thousands of guests that we're used to seeing. Some of the nicest cruises we've seen are smaller, more intimate cruises on rivers or bays. They're usually better for experiencing more of the local culture and wildlife, too.

One fantastic example is this gorgeous cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. World traveler Melissa- @tr4velwithmel on TikTok- went on this wonderful experience recently- and you wont believe how much it all cost!

This is wonderful- the absoluely stunning stateroom, the gourmet multi-course meals, and all that activities that get you out into the bay to experience the area for yourself. With all the luxury this cruise seems to offer, we expected this to be in the upper hundreds, maybe even the thousands. That's why our jaws dropped when she revealed the price. For two days and one night on this stunning bay cruise, with all the amentities and activities she did, she only paid £134- around $158 USD.

Of course, like any cruise, those prices seem to be variable, so take heed.  "Looks incredible, I'm hoping to do this in Jan. How did you get it so cheap - it's showing as £400 a room online?" wondered @paperadventureco. "Ah really! Maybe it’s cause it’s holidays or something? If you sign up to you should get 10% off the price as well!" recommended Melissa. These are helpful tips to keep in mind- by getting that discount and waiting for the off-season prices, you can likely price-match what she paid!

"Thinking of booking this cruise as flying to Hanoi tomorrow! Were there activities such as kayaking and cooking class included?" asked @lianaclifford163. "Yeah Kayaking, a little boat trip thing but the cooking course is literally them showing you how to make a spring roll. Tasted good though!" Still sounds pretty sweet, especially for such a short trip. We just keep getting more and more intrigued...

For those interested in going on this stunning bay cruise themselves, the company is Genesis Regal Cruises. Since Melissa recommended going through for the 10% discount, we've included the link for those interested right here.

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