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New Video of the 'RMS Titanic' Wreck As It Looks Today Couldn't Be More Haunting

The footage of the wreck is always so eerie.

The wreck of the RMS Titanic has been lying over twelve thousand feet deep at the bottom of the North Atlantic since that fateful night in 1912. People have been fascinated with the tragedy just as long. 

But, after a a hundred and ten years at the bottom of the ocean, what does the infamous cruise ship look like now? 

The video displays footage from a recent submersible exploration of the wreckage, revealing the rustles, or rust “stalactites,” that have formed all over the hull.

The Titanic is currently sits in in two separate pieces at the bottom of the ocean. But due to the ravages of time, iron oxidation, and a unique, rust-eating bacteria found on the raisins that have been dubbed, Halomonas titanicae, in the ship’s honor, it may not be long until even the wreckage breaks apart and disperses into the sea.

The tragic ship was heavily advertised as being unsinkable, but, ironically, sank on its maiden voyage, in an epic disaster that claimed the lives of over fifteen hundred people. The scale of the event and the fame of some of the survivors (such as The “unsinkable” Molly Brown) kept the story in the news for decades. The James Cameron film of the 1990s ensured that the Titanic would be a source of fascination for the younger generations.

Though the actual final resting place of the ship was unknown from its sinking in 1912 until it was discovered in 1985, it’s possible that these videos will be among the last we ever see before the ship is rendered into little more than a “rust stain” on the sea floor. Experts claim that the rate of deterioration due to rust and bacteria mean the Titanic will be well and truly gone within the next ten to fifteen years. 

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