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Victoria Beckham's Reaction to Riding Alpine Coaster in Aspen Is Cracking People Up

The best part was David poking fun at her the whole time.

Going all the way back to her time as part of the Spice Girls in the '90s and early 2000s, Victoria Beckham has always been known for her style... and her poker face. She isn't known for cracking a big grin all that often, and it definitely suits her. Either way, she's beautiful. 

But that just means that this video that's going viral on TikTok is even better than it might be otherwise. In the footage that Posh Spice (@victoriabeckham) shared on the app herself, she and husband (and famed soccer legend) David Beckham are doing something she calls her "greatest fear" by riding an Alpine coaster in Aspen. 

Victoria took the video in selfie mode after she and David had already boarded the coaster, so we get to see her reaction as the ride begins. She's already pretty worked up as soon as things get rolling, though she did admit in the beginning of the video that she is "so so scared" of rollercoasters. Poor Posh! 

You really have to watch the video yourself to hear all of her commentary, which is pure gold... but what we might love about this video most is watching David, who is sitting right behind her, laugh at her. Sigh. That's what husbands are for. 

"You did it!!! I love David's response. A true husband. Laughing at his wife’s distress. He really loves you," one commenter joked.

She may have been stressed out the entire time, but she conquered her fear. Good job, Victoria!