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Hidden Gem Canyon in Iceland Absolutely Takes Our Breath Away

In terms of the best places for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to explore, Iceland is consistently a top contender. Its rich volcanic landscape is full of hundreds of mountains, volcanoes, cliffs, waterfalls, and other amazing geological features to climb, hike, and explore.

Of course, there's nothing a seasoned traveler loves better than finding a gem of a place that sits off the beaten path, and with the diversity of Iceland's incredible landscape, there's always something new for visitors to discover. Full-time travelers Nishat and Musa share a TikTok account (@nishatandmusa) documenting some pretty amazing places, and today, they bring us an incredible view of Iceland's Sigöldugljúfur Canyon. It's also called the Valley of Tears, and you'll soon see why.

What an incredible find! The canyon's unique waterfalls do make it appear as if the cliffs themselves are weeping. However, the only tears you'll find from its visitors are ones of joy and awe- this place is a true gem.

User @zhy201708 summed up our feelings upon seeing this beauty in three succinct words: "Shocking, beautiful, and magnificent." "Absolutely breathtaking," agreed @m1guel727.

"Love this spot 😍 so fun getting there too!" chimed in @venturing.vestals. We wanted to know what they meant by this, so we looked it up, and apparently the hike up to the canyon is only a short 1 km walk from the parking area- not too bad for amateur hikers!

A simple hike to one of the most amazing views you'll ever witness in your life- just one of the many beauties of Iceland. The Valley of Tears has just been added to our constantly growing "Iceland Trip Bucket List" and at this point, it would seem that Iceland just has too many wonders to witness in one lifetime!