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Man Explains Why Vacations Are a Scam and He Has a Point

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

For many people, vacations are the best part of life — after all, as soon as we get home from one, most of us at least start dreaming about the the next one, even if won't happen for a long time. It's what keeps us going through the busy (and sometimes monotonous) days of our normal routine. Knowing that we'll get some time off and the chance to explore something new can be very motivating! 

But there's one man on TikTok, @bunkerlicious, who is going viral for making a very bold claim about travel. He says that vacations are actually a scam, and as much as we love them... he does have a point! 

In the video, which he filmed after getting home from his most recent trip, he explained that even though people act like vacations are essential for recharging your batteries, that's not what they do for you at all. 

"I just got back from a vacation and I've never felt worse," he admitted. "I was in Disney World — literally the happiest place on earth — and I had to come back to dirty Los Angeles where everybody hates themselves." 

LOL! He went on to share how jarring it was to leave a "plush hotel" in favor of his "shoebox apartment" where his boyfriend doesn't pick up his socks.

"I was drinking all day, eating four course meals with cuisines from all over the world," he said. "Plus, I was in vacation mode so I was spending so much money, so now I have to come back and deal with the consequences of my financial irresponsibility." 

We have to say that, as much as we don't want to admit it, he's right. Vacations are amazing when you're there, but returning to the real world can be brutal (and going from Disney to real life is much worse). 

Vacations are a scam, but we'll never stop taking them.